| 23 April 2024, Tuesday |

Asmar: We warn of gradual rapid collapse of state facilities

President of General Labor Union, Dr. Bishara Al-Asmar, said in a statement, “What is happening with regard to the Internet service in terms of poor communication and slow service could become worse, and it may lead to halting this service, especially since Ogero budget for 2021 is in the range of 48 billion pounds, which is not sufficient for completing the maintenance operations in progress till the end of the year, and where companies insist on being paid in US dollars. ”

He added, “this case applies to the port of Beirut and the containers center operating there, as maintenance of equipment and spare parts are all priced in US dollars. This is also applies to EDL and water facilities in all regions. Which indicates that the institutions’ situation will get worse if the state does not deal with it quickly, and we may be facing a gradual and rapid collapse of the state’s facilities if  officials do not form quickly a national salvation government that will restore confidence in Lebanon and pave the way for the revival of the state with all its vital facilities and public administrations.

Asmar concluded: “It is about time to separate matters, we either start treatment through hard, institutional, constitutional and judicial work, or we will fall into complete hunger, poverty, security, economic, health, educational and environmental chaos, and bear the tragic consequences.”