| 2 December 2023, Saturday |

Association of Basic Education Teachers: Safe return to school is associated with receiving vaccines

The Association of Basic Education Teachers in Lebanon circulated a questionnaire on Friday regarding the safe return to blended learning.

It asked all educational workers, directors, and teachers, to respond and answer the questionnaire, upon the request of the association’s President Hussein Jawad. He said: “We launched the questionnaire today, and it is the shortest and fastest way to find out the opinions of the largest number of teachers, and thus to determine the final decision on returning back to blended education.”

Jawad added: “We have met with the Minister of Education several times, and we iterated every time that obtaining the vaccine will pave the way for returning back to school,  because adopting preventive measures only is not enough and will not remove anxiety of neither the teachers nor the students.”

However, Jawad stressed that “the difficulty of returning back to school is not limited to inoculation or health aspects, but rather to the severe economic collapse and tough living conditions that have exhausted teachers and others.”

He reiterated his request for teachers to participate in filling out the questionnaire form before  May, 7 as the association’s administrative body will be meeting to see the results and take the appropriate decision.”

  • Sawt Beirut International