| 16 April 2024, Tuesday |

Association of families of port victims to ‘rulers of the earth’: you will not be able to escape the ‘ruler of heaven’

The families of the victims, the injured, and those demanding an investigation into the port crime gathered in front of the “An-Nahar” newspaper building this afternoon, before proceeding in their march to the “Statue of the Expatriate” facing the Port of Beirut, raising a large Lebanese flag stained with blood, and another flag on which was written the oath of the families of the martyrs and the victims of the port blast.

Participants also carried pictures of the victims and banners denouncing the political authority and demanding truth and justice to prevail.

Some victims’ families raised a number of “coffins” and banners bearing slogans calling for the criminals to be held accountable and for justice to be served.

Political and social figures flocked to join the victims’ families in their march, including MPs Michel Mouawad, Elias Hankash, and Nadim Gemayel.

Delivered words by members of the victims’ families focused on the call for justice, truth and accountability, while denouncing the political class and corrupt power that is deeply-rooted in intransigence and injustice.

They emphasized that every unjust act has an end, assuring those in authority and power that “the Ruler of Heaven is present and waiting…you will not be able to escape Him.”

  • NNA