| 21 April 2024, Sunday |

Attacks on Saudi Arabia are a flagrant violation of human rights,” underlines Tohme

In an issued statement on Sunday, MP Nehme Tohme denounced the “vicious attacks that targeted civilian and vital facilities in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, especially in Jizan, through a described attack on civilians,” considering it a “flagrant violation of human rights and international covenants.”

He said: “As we condemn the blatant aggression that Saudi Arabia is being subjected to, we at the same time affirm our solidarity with the Kingdom which has always been by Lebanon’s side in all the wars and tribulations that it has undergone, and which has white hands on all segments of Lebanese society.”

Tohme prayed that the Lord Almighty would preserve the Kingdom, its good people, and its wise leadership, which seeks to support Lebanon in all the crises it is exposed to, “and this is what we have seen recently through the Jeddah Declaration,” he added.

  • NNA