| 21 May 2024, Tuesday |

Australian Embassy opens a Swingset at Sursock Museum in memory of Australian Isaac Oehlers

On 3 September, HE Ambassador Rebekah Grindlay opened a swingset in the Sursock Museum esplanade in commemoration of 2 year old Australian Isaac Oehlers, the son of Sarah Copland and Craig Oehlers, who lost his life in the 4 August blast.

The families of other victims of the blast were present, and Sarah Copland, Craig Oehlers and other members of their family watched it live from Australia.

“Isaac loved to play in this courtyard. Countless more children will laugh and play in this courtyard for years to come”, Ambassador Grindlay said.

Ambassador Grindlay expressed solidarity with the Lebanese people as they grapple with multiple crises, and expressed her condolences to all families of Beirut port explosion victims.

In a pre-recorded message, Sarah Copland and Craig Oehlersthanked the Sursock Museum and the Australian Embassy for installing the swingset and said “We hope that many people who come to the museum can get to know Isaac’s name and have a bit of a moment of reflection and peace thinking about our sweet little boy”.

All children are welcome to use the swingset in the SursockMuseum’s esplanade, Greek Orthodox Archbishopric Street Ashrafieh, Beirut.

  • NNA