| 18 April 2024, Thursday |

Bahaa Hariri: For the necessity of completing martyr Rafik Hariri’s path to build healthy homeland

The media office of Mr. Bahaa Hariri issued the following statement:
Sheikh Bahaa Rafik Hariri concluded his meetings in Cyprus with delegations that included personalities from all Lebanese regions of different religious, social and cultural sects, conveying the concerns of the Lebanese in light of the social, living and health distress that, if it continues, will lead Lebanon to complete collapse and perhaps to disappear.

Hariri listened to the demands of the delegations’ members, which are still following the path of his martyr father, complaining about the loss of the correct and complete Sunni reference in the Lebanese equation, and expressing their fear that the sect will remain marginalized, as the weakness of the Sunni sect reflects weakness on Lebanon as a whole, while the strength and presence of this sect will contribute to Lebanon’s salvation and continuity.

Hariri expressed his fear of emptying the Sunni positions in state institutions, and stressed the need to complete Rafik Hariri’s inclusive national path to build a healthy homeland and a state capable of imposing its prestige on all Lebanese lands with all its institutions. He stressed that the duality of coexistence (Islamic – Christian) is the only equation for the survival of Lebanon and the way of its salvation, continuity and prosperity.

Hariri also stressed the need to adhere to the Taif Agreement, which ended the civil war and laid the basic rules for building a new Lebanon and put it back on the international map as a free and independent country, stressing the need for it to return to the Arab embrace and to weave the best relations with all Arab countries and the Gulf in particular, especially the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia because of its credits on Lebanon since before Taif till now.

Hariri praised the strength of the relationship with Bkerke, considering it a fundamental and more than good relationship, through which Lebanon’s salvation and exit from its crises and problems are woven, which was also emphasized during his reception of a delegation from the Maronite diocese of Cyprus headed by Bishop Salim Sfeir, where it was agreed that Lebanon is a country that embraces civilizations and religions, which made it a country of message, coexistence and harmony among its citizens.

These topics were also the focus of discussion between Hariri and the pastor of the Diocese of Baalbek-Hermel, His Excellency Bishop Hanna Rahme, whom he met in Cyprus. The conversation also touched on developmental and social issues pertaining to the Bekaa region.

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