| 5 December 2023, Tuesday |

Bahaa Hariri: Lebanon was looted, robbed, and squandered of its wealth by its rulers and authority

Sheikh Bahaa El-Din Rafik Hariri affirmed that a comprehensive solution for Lebanon, lies within the implementation of an Islamic-Christian partnership, and not just by electing a president for the republic.

Hariri, during a Ramadan iftar with residents of Beirut and another one with members of unions and free professions, warned of the danger of not unifying the noble Sunni community around the sovereign vision and the structure of institutions, calling for the consolidation of efforts and unification based on the Taif Agreement.

Hariri emphasized the importance of implementing the Taif Agreement’s provisions, and reviving it through the program developed by his team, which includes a comprehensive plan that will be presented to the Lebanese public opinion.

Revealing contacts he had with the Maronite Patriarchy, during which he received reassurances about the unity of Beirut, Hariri noted that dividing it is not an option for the Christian team, and emphasized that dividing the capital means dividing Lebanon.

Hariri recalled the diversity of natural resources in Lebanon, describing the country as rich, but it has been subjected to looting, theft, and waste of wealth by the rulers and authorities. He pointed out that rationalizing the extraction of resources and properly investing these wealths, are enough to revive the collapsed economy and make it a competitor to other economies.

Hariri condemned the continued approach of political clientelism that may provide services to a limited number of sectarian individuals, considering it an obstacle to the salvation and the fundamental project, which is building independent institutions within the sovereign state.

Hariri revealed a plan to support the healthcare sector in Lebanon, saying that the Lebanese society will witness fundamental and serious contributions in providing recovery assistance to citizens who are unable to secure basic types of treatments for their illnesses.

Hariri warned against the collapse of education in Lebanon, considering that the collapse of this sector means the destruction of an entire generation, and called for the necessity of cooperation to revive all the cultural fields that contribute in shaping the salvation’s visions.

Hariri promised not to spare any effort in supporting students and schools as much as possible, and developing cultural programs, noting that building educational institutions requires legislative and executive approvals from the state that should give education its ultimate priority.
Hariri reminded of the priority of the late President Rafik Hariri in terms of supporting thousands of students and providing them with educational scholarships, he made a promise to continue the path of the late President, in supporting aspiring talents, so they will raise the name of their country and lift it from the downfall caused by the ruling system.


  • Sawt Beirut International