| 13 June 2024, Thursday |

Bahaa Hariri reviews the Lebanese crisis: to elect a president and form a government that will save the country

Sheikh Bahaa Rafik Hariri discussed, during a Ramadan iftar in Dunnieh, the economic and political crisis afflicting Lebanon.

According to his media office, Sheikh Bahaa Hariri called for “making efforts to elect a president for the republic and form a balanced government capable of saving the country.”

He added, “There is a need for a new economic model, empowering the private sector, and reducing inequality between the classes of society.”

He also stressed “the need for internal reform, the adoption of direct measures to help the Lebanese, the restructuring of the public sector, and the adoption of laws and decisions to strengthen the government and the rule of law.”

He spoke about the efforts of the people of the north, especially the city of Dunniyeh, “this region that supports the approach of the martyr Prime Minister Rafik Hariri,” noting that “the people of Dunniyeh are a national value and a basic pillar for supporting Lebanon.”

He concluded by addressing his national project within a comprehensive rescue plan under the title of Muslim-Christian partnership.

  • Sawt Beirut International