| 19 April 2024, Friday |

Bahaa Hariri: The disintegration of the Sunni sect is forbidden

Businessman Bahaa Hariri revealed that the dispute with his brother, former Prime Minister Saad al-Hariri, is “large and vast in terms of thinking and vision about how to move forward.”

In an interview with the “Lebanese Scene” program on Al-Hurra channel, he said, “Saad is my brother and I love him, and this is a foregone conclusion.”

Bahaa Hariri considered that the issue is no longer between him and Saad, “because the latter left political life.”

Bahaa Hariri has always called for the implementation of international resolutions and the withdrawal of illegal weapons, describing “Hezbollah” as a terrorist. He repeated that “in the time of Rafik Hariri, Lebanon was under the guardianship of Syrian legitimacy, which was approved by the international and regional community, but today there is no guardianship but rather a terrorist group, as considered by most countries of the world, and does not have any legal guardianship.”

He added, “This team took an entire people to the marshes, and when we were under guardianship we were able to win, so why can’t we now?”

Regarding the policy that he will follow to deal with Hezbollah’s conditions and pressures, he said, “For us, elections are the basis,” describing “the quadripartite alliance that took place after the assassination of Rafik Hariri as political infidelity,” stressing, “We do not cooperate with Hezbollah”.

In response to a question about what is being reported about his agenda with the Turks, he replied, “I spoke with Al-Hurra, Al-Sharq Al-Awsat, Al-Arabiya, and Kuwaiti newspapers. I do not remember that I spoke to a Turkish newspaper. I have not visited Turkey all my life and don’t I have a job there, and I have no direct or indirect contact with this country.”

Regarding his political project, he said, “It is the implementation of the Taif Agreement, in which religion is separated from the executive and legislative authority, the existence of a Senate that gives powers to minorities, the implementation of administrative decentralization, the achievement of the independence of the judiciary and the fight against corruption through an independent judiciary.”

Hariri considered that “during the era of Michel Aoun, we witnessed a complete Lebanese collapse and we saw complete international and Arab isolation”.

He wished to communicate with all the components that continued to respect the principles of March 14, “but whoever departed from values ​​and bargained in this system and turned a blind eye to weapons and corruption, we hold him responsible for the catastrophe that Lebanon has reached.”

As for the economic issue, he talked about four pillars: the banking sector, the tourism sector, medical care and education, in addition to the issue of the Lebanese abroad, who constitute an essential part of Lebanon as a free economy.

Regarding the Sunni sect and what is reported of frustration in its ranks, he said that “the crack or disintegration of the Sunni sect is a red line, and we will not be satisfied unless it takes its full right within the Lebanese equation and does not compromise its rights”.

In response to a question about his relationship with the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, he replied, “I have never heard any abuse from our Gulf brothers, and according to what I know our relationship is good.”

He stressed that “Lebanon must reform its relations with the Gulf and the international community.”

And about the reason for not coming to Lebanon, he said, “It is purely related to security reasons, and if I was given a guarantee to go there, I would fly today, but this issue is being studied carefully.”

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