| 13 April 2024, Saturday |

“Bahaa Hariri will support those who seek change,” says Radwan Akil

Political writer Radwan Akil confirmed that there is a difficulty for political parties to avoid holding the parliamentary elections on May 15th.

He added that “Sawa Li Lubnan” Movement is active across several Lebanese regions, and eager to present a moderate discourse. It is in the process of preparing for the elections.

Akil’s remarks came in an interview on NBN channel, with journalist Sawsan Safa.

Akil presented the reality of the forces and their preparations for elections, and dealt with the reality of the Sunni community after Prime Minister Saad Hariri announced the “Future Movement’s” reluctance to run the elections.

What about Sheikh Bahaa Hariri’s movement?

We are waiting for what Sheikh Bahaa Hariri will achieve in the political and electoral project that he presented.

Can Bahaa Harri replace Saad Hariri while he is playing on the voters’ emotions?

“Sawa Li Lubnan” Movement supported by Bahaa Hariri has not yet announced the names of its candidates, but it is starting from the voter bases with focus on supporting change, and it is not necessary that those be at the center of this movement, as the arena is open for all. The movement is active in more than one area, and a meeting will be held in Tripoli next Friday, in which Sheikh Baha Hariri will have a virtual intervention. Hariri said that he will be in contact with the voters and be frank with all the Lebanese.”

Some Lebanese are asking why he doesn’t come to Lebanon?

Hariri explained his position and responded to this point.

Some have indicated in recent days that Baha Hariri’s movement will not participate in the elections after Saad Al-Hariri’s reluctance?

This information is inaccurate and the movement continues its preparations for the elections. The big question that arises what will this movement achieve, and this matter remains left to the Sunni voters and others. The Sunni community is the main place for this movement.

What about the meeting that brought together Maronite Patriarch Bechara Rahi and Bahaa Hariri?

I learned from church sources that the meeting between the Patriarch and Bahaa Hariri was fruitful and that the church was satisfied with the meeting. Both parties talked about the common denominators, and this will help Hariri in the movement he is leading.

Akil added, “It is true that the major parties control the electoral process, but there are new elements that entered the stage and announced their readiness to participate in the elections. It is true that Prime Minister Saad Hariri will not run the parliamentary scene, but the Sunni MPs who will occupy the seats of this component will be the ones who will represent the sect and will participate in the Presidential election and future governments.

Akil warned of the escalation of sectarian and regional rhetoric with the approach of the parliamentary elections. Everyone should know that the sun will rise on everyone on May 16, and all Lebanese should cooperate and coexist together, and that the discourse of moderation and patriotism remains the most important.

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