| 25 May 2024, Saturday |

Bakeries’ Queues starting Monday

The head of the Owners Syndicate of Ovens in the North, Tariq Al-Mir, confirmed that he contacted the diesel companies and said that they did not own the substance, and asked the Minister of Economy in the caretaker government, Raoul Nehme, to lift the fuel subsidy.

Al-Mir stated in a television interview that on Monday there will be queues in front of the bakeries, and the bundle of bread will be sold on the black market.

Lebanon suffers from a shortage of fuel necessary to operate electricity production plants, and of diesel used to operate private generators, with the depletion of the dollar reserves at the Banque du Liban and its delay in opening import credits.

Over the past months, the ability of the Electricité du Liban to provide electricity has gradually declined, which led to raising the rationing hours to exceed 22 hours per day in some areas. The private generators, due to the lack of fuel, were no longer able to provide the fuel needed to cover the hours of power outages, which in turn forced them to ration.

  • Sawt Beirut International