| 24 May 2024, Friday |

Banks Association: No differences or intransigence among members

The Banks Association responded to Al-Akhbar newspaper, clarifying the following:

Since the beginning of the crisis, Al-Akhbar newspaper has been publishing false news and distorting numbers and facts, without possessing the lowest values ​​of the journalism profession, which is the right to respond.

The Banks Association totally denies the information published by Al-Akhbar newspaper, about disputes between its members, regarding the negotiations with the International Monetary Fund.

Since the beginning of the crisis, the Banks Association has been calling for the assistance of the International Monetary Fund program, and it generally expressed this in several statements it had issued, the latest of which was the stance issued after the adoption of the ministerial statement.

The association affirms that there are no differences or stubbornness among its members, but rather solidarity and consistency, to overcome the most difficult stage in the history of banking, in a manner that serves the interest of Lebanon and the Lebanese.