| 28 February 2024, Wednesday |

Basic education teachers call Education Minister to reconsider blended learning

The Association of Basic Education Teachers in Lebanon called the general assemblies to convene in order to take escalating steps over the catastrophic economic situation the country is going through, along with devaluation which led to an unprecedented collapse in the value of salaries.

The association called on the caretaker government to carry out its duties towards the low income segments who are unable to survive in light of the deteriorating situation.

The association has also stressed the need for developing a plan to readjust wages and salaries, because keeping silent is no longer possible, as teachers’ salaries are now less than the minimum wage which is  equal to $450. The salaries of teachers who have long experience does not exceed $300. The association added that the rationing card should be provided for male and female teachers as well, and for those working in public schools.

The association rejected the procedures taken by banks to set a ceiling for salary withdrawals, considering that salaries are neither deposits nor savings.

Regarding the afternoon shift, the association rejected the suspending policies adopted by the donor countries and UNICEF. It asked the Minister of Education to compel donors to pay their teachers their dues, and to pay for the school funds for the previous year. The association will take escalating measures in order to achieve this demand.”

The association called on the Minister of Education to review the decision regarding blended education for several reasons:

– Statistics conducted showed that 50 percent of the students did not attend.

-The shortage of gasoline banning teachers from attending schools.

– School bus owners refused transporting students due to the shortage of gasoline and the parent’s reluctance to send their children due to the high cost of transportation.

– Small number of students were able to attend the school, and this have encouraged some coordinators not to count the teachers’ hours.

– Some teachers are attending schools without finding students in the class, and this means that teachers are bearing cost without getting paid.

– The percentage of students attending schools is between one and 80 percent.

The statement said that among this reality, we hope the Minister of Education reconsiders his decision and return to distance learning, where all students can attend online sessions, and to set a date for the end of the school year.”

  • Sawt Beirut International