| 29 February 2024, Thursday |

Bassil files complaint against Lebanese Forces, Kataeb Parties “for their flagrant violation of electoral spending ceilings”

The Lebanese Forces and the Lebanese Kataeb Party were accused by the FPM’s chief MP Gebran Bassil of “flagrantly breaching the ceilings of election spending to a great extent” by the Election Supervisory Board.

“Because the definition of financial and criminal offense corresponds to their proved infractions,” he urged that the violators be sent to the competent Public Prosecution.

In his complaint, Bassil pointed to “the multiple advertisements by the Kataeb and Lebanese Forces, to the point of exposing the real cost,” confirming that they exceeded the permissible spending ceiling.

“It is unreasonable for this number of advertisements to remain below the spending ceiling, regardless of the correct accounting data that is being submitted,” he said, while emphasizing the significant disparity when it comes to the Lebanese Forces over the Kataeb Party.

  • NNA