| 8 August 2022, Monday |

Batroun residents appeal to the Energy Minister to secure electricity after 2 days of power cuts

Batroun residents have appealed to “the Minister of Energy and Water personally, to give his instructions directly to those responsible for diverting the current in the Batroun region, to carry out their duties, especially that the coastal and central Batroun has been deprived of electricity for two days, while needs for it evolve amid the high fuel prices and private generator bills.”

The residents said in a statement: “There were four employees rotating 24 hours a day in the station, in which only one employee is working. This shortage has made transferring electricity on time for subscribers difficult, in addition to the large danger the maintenance workers in BUS companies are exposed to while maintaining the malfunctions.”

The statement called on “concerned official to assume their responsibility towards the region and to secure the electric current, even with the specified minimum number of feeding hours, because the this would contribute to alleviating the burdens on citizens.”

  • Sawt Beirut International