| 16 July 2024, Tuesday |

Bayram: No compromises regarding worker’s sanctity

The Minister of Labor, Mustafa Bayram, received in an emergency, a delegation from the Agricultural Workers Syndicate in Lebanon headed by Captain Hassan Abbas at his office. Where the crime of assaulting and insulting a number of Lebanese and Syrian agricultural workers in the Majdal al-Aqoura area was investigated by a person who “bears the responsibility alone without any political, civil or regional authority,” according to a statement from the media office of the Minister of Labor.
The attendees affirmed, “the sanctity of the worker is preserved as any human being, regardless of his nationality, and that human dignity is above all considerations.”
The attendees commended the “security forces’ to haste in arresting the perpetrator,” calling for “the necessity of decisive judicial follow-up, which will not be tolerated in order for it to be a final and deterrent event for any inhuman act condemned by all moral, legal and humanitarian standards,” and stressed the need for “the victims to obtain their full material rights.” And the most important of them is the moral, especially their human dignity and their full respect, and that there is no leniency in such cases.”

  • Sawt Beirut International