| 28 May 2024, Tuesday |

“Bayt AL-Zakat” began distributing Eid clothing to 2,000 children and orphans in Tripoli and its suburbs

“Bait al Zakat wal Khayrat “ Lebanon, started from its headquarters in Tripoli, implementing the Eid clothing project for sponsored orphans in Tripoli and hundreds of children of  registered families, as part of the Ramadan charitable projects package implemented by AL-Bayt

Al-Bayt stated, in a statement, that “About 2000 orphan children benefited from the project, and they were handed vouchers worth 175,000 LBP for each. The value of the project was 350,000,000 LBP, with generous contributions from Qatar lkhayria , Elmer Foundation and Mamdouha Bobst, International Charitable Society for development, Kuwait, and people of goodness inside and outside Lebanon.

He pointed out that the clothing vouchers are dispensed at one of the branches of cooperating stores in Tripoli and North Lebanon.” He declared in a call addressed to the people of goodness that “Thousands of families are still waiting for their generosity, to be partners in goodness in one of the projects at the end of the blessed Ramadan, which are:

Clothing voucher : 175,000 LBP
Eid dish: 100,000 LBP.
Zakat Al-Fitr: 22,000 LBP

And whoever gives, God gives him more through the service of benefactors, telephone: 71258090.