| 15 April 2024, Monday |

Bchara Al Asmar calls for signature of decree granting lump sum in Public sector equal to the salary

Dr. Bchara Al-Asmar, President of the General Labor Union, thanked Prime Minister Najib Mikati for amending the text of the draft decree to provide a lump sum equal to the basis of salary or wages in the public sector, to be paid in two equal payments, provided that one payment is not less than 1,500,000 LBP, and not more than 3,000,000 L.L., which now includes government institutions, government hospitals, municipalities, the Federation of Municipalities, and everyone who is granted a salary, wage, or allowance from public funds.”

Al-Asmar affirmed in a statement: “Following up social assistance for daily wage earners, bill workers and service providers with the Minister of Finance in order to issue a decision, as stated in the first article of the draft decree, a fair and acceptable decision for these groups who are crushed by the deteriorating economic reality.”


  • Sawt Beirut International