| 26 May 2024, Sunday |

Be careful…Mutant “Delta” will be knocking on Lebanese doors

Raef Rida, the Head of the Lebanese Medical Social Gathering, affirmed in a statement, that “the Indian mutant “Delta” will reach all Lebanese households in light of the health chaos and lack of prevention we are witnessing.”

“The issue is, we have not yet achieved societal immunity, which speeds up the Indian mutant Delta, with the lack of prevention. The most dangerous aspect is that the injuries will be fatal, especially since hospitals are currently experiencing difficult crises and are not as available as they were previously, so we don’t know whether the injuries will be deadly,” Rida warned.

“As a result, the assembly urges those who are concerned to exercise caution and monitoring, as well as citizens to wear a mask, keep a safe distance, and get vaccinated before it is too late, especially since we are in poor health, with limited hospitalization and treatment options when it comes to COVID-19 pandemic,” Rida concluded.

  • NNA