| 19 May 2024, Sunday |

Beirut Port Blast updates: General Security Major Daoud Fayyad and Engineer Nayla Al Hajj have been released

Judge Tarek Bitar, the Lead Investigator in the Beirut Port Explosion, issued a decision to release General Security Major Daoud Fayyad and the Engineer, Nayla Al Hajj, who is in charge of the company that undertakes the maintenance works of warehouse No. 12 in the port campus.

At the same time, the families of the explosion victims and those who were harmed, as well as the general Lebanese public, are anticipating a new and additional wave of allegations against officials suspected of the port crime, or even investigations into officials accused of being involved in the case for more than six months.

Judge Al-Bitar has stated repeatedly that he will prosecute any employee or individual found to be culpable for the explosion as a result of the investigations, regardless of the scope of the responsibilities handed to them.

The judge’s primary responsibility remains to conclude all technical investigations and to choose between the three hypotheses of military activity, security attack, and welding workshop.

  • Sawt Beirut International