| 28 September 2022, Wednesday |

Berri: I will not accept postponement of elections for one minute

During his meeting with the head of the Press Syndicate, Awni al-Kaaki, and members of the Syndicate Council at the headquarters of the second presidency in Ain al-Tineh, Speaker Berri stressed that, “I will not accept the postponement of the elections, not even for one minute,” adding that he is surprised that,“the national duo (Amal Movement and Hezbollah) are accused of working to postpone the elections.”
On the issue of demarcating the maritime borders, Berri revealed that “the US envoy, Amos Hochstein, will be in Lebanon within a week, and it is assumed that negotiations will resume and that the framework agreement will be adhered to.”
He directed the media, saying: “Through you, I address France and Total company, and the companies that have established the commitment, to start drilling and exploration work, as there is no excuse to evade that, especially since the area in which work must begin is not disputed. The companies must be free from Any pressure.”
As for the entitlement of the presidential elections, the Speaker of the House of Representatives confirmed that “His Excellency the President announced more than once that he does not want to stay in the Republican Palace after the end of the term for one day.”
Berri called for “unifying the Arab economy among the Arab countries to stop the Israeli invasion of Arab markets, and Lebanon can play this role, “reiterating that “as long as Israel is present on an inch of Lebanese territory and its ambitions exist, the resistance and its weapons will remain a national need to rein in Zionist ambitions, and the resistance’s weapon is a result of the occupation and not the other way around.”


  • Sawt Beirut International