| 16 April 2024, Tuesday |

Berri: It’s high time political parties stopped trading blame, prolonging lingering vacuum

Parliament Speaker Nabih Berri on Wednesday said in the wake of the 12th presidential election session that it was high time political parties stopped trading blame and prolonging the lingering vacuum. 

The Parliament Speaker capitalized on the need for consensus and dialogue to elect a new president, deeming this the only approach through which the desired outcome could be achieved.

Berri then underscored the paramount importance of dialogue under the framework of the Lebanese constitution, which preserves the principles of partnership and consensus.

Berri went on to urge everyone to acknowledge that sticking to such approaches and remaining in a state of denial “will not lead to the desired outcome.”

“The Lebanese people, Arab brothers, and allies worldwide expect of Lebanon to act in a manner that mitigates its looming challenges and risks. Electing a president is the first step towards meeting these expectations, but it can only be accomplished through consensus and dialogue,” Berri explained.

He further indicated the need for unconditional dialogue, provided that no one is denied the right to nominate.

Berri finally called on all the Lebanese political parties to “possess the courage and bravery and take the necessary steps in Lebanon’s best interest.”

  • NNA