| 22 February 2024, Thursday |

Berri offers condolences over Tripoli’s boat victims: for a real approach that puts an end to deprivation

House Speaker Nabih Berri expressed his condolences to the families of the victims who drowned off the coast of Tripoli last night, wishing the injured a speedy recovery, and urging the concerned security and judicial authorities to “conduct their investigations quickly and with absolute transparency to unveil the circumstances of this perpetual crime against the people of the north and its capital, Tripoli.”


He also asked for severe penalties against the perpetrators, especially since it is not the first crime that the Lebanese pay the price aboard the boats of death.

“The real consolation in these sad moments is that all officials in Lebanon, in their various positions, particularly those in the executive authority and the concerned ministries, hear the voice of the bereaved sons of Tripoli and the North for a real approach that puts an end to the deprivation of this dear region of Lebanon and saves its honorable and good sons from this free death trap,” Berri emphasized.

“It is a moment that ought to be one of patriotism and unison to support the people of Tripoli,” he concluded.



  • NNA