| 29 May 2024, Wednesday |

Berri: This is a scandle

Parliament Speaker Nabih Berri confirmed that legislative sessions are open until the afternoon, even if the matter is forced until tomorrow to finish approving laws.

Concerning the student dollar, Berri said: “This is one of the biggest doses, as we took several decisions, but they were not implemented.”

In an intervention by Speaker Berri, in the plenary session, during a discussion of a proposed law regulating how to dispose of special drawing rights in Lebanon from the International Monetary Fund, he pointed out that the largest place for waste is in electricity, and this amount, i.e., special drawing rights, can establish power plants that save Lebanon Over the course of a year or more huge sums.

It is noteworthy that a plenary session of the House of Representatives was launched at the UNESCO Palace, at the invitation of Berri, to study and approve 36 bills and proposals for laws that are on the agenda.

  • NNA