| 28 May 2024, Tuesday |

Berri: Vatican meeting is a sincere call to save Lebanon

Parliament Speaker Nabih Berri commented on the meeting hosted by His Holiness Pope Francis at the Vatican, and the full day of prayer and supplication devoted to Lebanon.

He said: “It is a sincere call from the people of the earth to the Lord of Heaven, to save Lebanon and the Lebanese people. Let us meet this sincere initiative by honestly working for the sake of rescuing the country, and yielding personal interests and hatred.”

Pope Francis devoted an entire day to consulting with the leaders of the Lebanese Christian churches that are directly under his authority, such as the Maronites, and those affiliated with other spiritual authorities, such as the Orthodox and Evangelicals. The meeting gained importance, because it is one of the rare times that the Pope brings together Christian leaders from the Eastern and Western Churches in one place to discuss proposals to save a country.

  • NNA