| 27 May 2024, Monday |

Bitar ends today interrogation phase of detainees in the port explosion

The judicial investigator in Beirut Port explosion case , Judge Tariq Bitar, holds the last session of the interrogation of the detainees in this file, appeared  before him each of the port maintenance contractor Salim Shebli and three Syrian workers who participated in the process of welding the gap in the wall of ward No. 12 before the explosion. Today, two witnesses are also being heard in the case.

Judicial sources expected that next week will be full of investigations, as Bitar will hear after the Easter holiday a number of witnesses, most notably the former Minister of Defense Yaqoub Al-Sarraf, at the request of the latter, and he will also be questioning in successive sessions defendants,who are not arrested.

The sources explained to “Voice of Beirut International” that the judicial investigator will start next week to study the release requests submitted by the detainees, and present them to the discriminatory public prosecution to consult its opinion before deciding who will be released and who will remain under arrest.