| 21 May 2024, Tuesday |

Bizri: Betting on the current government to make reforms, is impossible

Head of the National Committee for the Corona Vaccine, Abdel Rahman Al-Bizri, regretted that some people at home and abroad were betting on reforms undertaken by this government, which does not convene in the first place, and which was formed based on quotas from political forces, that are themselves responsible for the ruin of the country.
Bizri expressed in a statement, “his fear that some of these alleged financial reforms will come at the expense of depositors, in the interest of banks, and the political class that bankrupted the country and squandered public money.”
He added: “It is not possible for someone who was a partner and responsible in the previous years of the Lebanese crisis to be a way out of the ordeal that the political class has plunged the country into.”
Bizri stressed that the return of communication with the Arab brothers and the Gulf Cooperation Council countries in particular, is an essential and important step, but the Lebanese crisis is first and foremost an internal one linked to the corruption of its political structure.