| 17 June 2021, Thursday | النسخة العربية

Bizri: Covid-19 situation improving, preventive measures remain essential

The Head of National Committee for COVID-19 Vaccine Abdel-Rahman Bizri said that the health situation in regard of coronavirus have improved lately, but still there is some difficulties related to the shortage in medical equipment and pharmaceuticals, as well as the emigration trend which is evolving within the medical staff.

Bizri said during a radio interview that “indicators show that the epidemiological rate between locals is declining. However citizens should continue abiding to the safety and preventive measures.

He added that the Ministry of Public Health has launched on Saturday the AstraZeneca Marathon to encourage people to receive vaccinations, and therefore increase the percentage of vaccinated people in Lebanon. Even the Caretaker Minister of Health, Hamad Hassan, have toured the centers and received the AstraZeneca vaccine in front of the attendees in order to encourage people.

On the other hand, the Head of the Parliamentary Health Committee, Assem Araji, said: “The marthon’s success yesterday, is a catalyst for the Ministry of Health and the National Committee for Covid-19, to continue this successful plan.” He added that this will facilitate the inoculation process for Lebanese across all regions, and will accelerate the vaccination process to reach herd immunity.”