| 27 May 2024, Monday |

Bizri: ” new government’s title, distancing itself from Lebanese internal affairs.”

Head of the National Committee for the Corona Vaccine, Abdel Rahman Al-Bizri, indicated in a statement that “the current government’s title is to distance itself from the Lebanese internal problems, as the financial file is in the hands of the entire monetary authority, and the central bank and its ruler are still disposing depositors’ money, to get out of their predicament that they have led the country to, and the deposits’ chopper is still going on without accountability or oversight, and there is a clear absence of the Ministry of Finance.”

He continued: “As for the judicial file and the investigation into the catastrophic explosion of Beirut port,  it seems that under the slogan of the independence of the judiciary, the government will isolate itself, from what is happening in this sensitive and important file, which may lead to more discrimination among the Lebanese, and to a greater sense of the justice authority absence.”

As far as fuel is concerned, the Lebanese government allows the fuel companies, especially diesel, to be charged in hard currency, as if they are forming one ring to withdraw the remaining hard money, that some Lebanese depend on, as a secure for darker days than the days we are living nowadays.  the saying “Hide your white penny for your black day” no longer works, and with such a black authority, there will neither be white days, nor white pennies.” Bizri concluded.