| 28 January 2023, Saturday |

Bizri says activating Saida Turkish hospital has been put on the right track

The Head of the National Committee for Covid-19 Vaccination, Dr. Abdul Rahman Bizri confirmed that “activating the role of the Saida Turkish Hospital for Emergency and Burns was put on the right track, after a long wait as a result of political disputes in the previous years.

Bizri considered that the efforts carried out by the Ministry of Public Health in the last two years, in addition to the international community’s commitment to supporting Lebanon’s health sector, has played a vital role in activating this hospital.

Bizri indicated in a statement that “all the decrees related to the hospital were completed several days ago, and that the process of contracting with the hospital staff will be carried out with the support of external donors such as the World Health Organization and UNICEF. The funds that were allocated for the Turkish hospital lost its value as a result of the currency devaluation. Therefore, the intervention of the World Health Organization and UNICEF have contributed to the success of this initiative.”

Bizri added: “A team of international experts will visit the hospital in the coming days to check its needs in order to kick off operations, in order to complement the generous Turkish initiative.”

Bizri regretted “activating this file after the disasters that lead to the loss of several lives and serious injuries.”

He also thanked the Turkish government for providing this hospital after the Israeli war in 2006, rehabilitating and maintaining its equipment, and training a specialized staff in treating burns at their own expense.”

  • Sawt Beirut International