| 30 May 2024, Thursday |

Bizri says, “How can a government be efficient if it does not convene?”

Head of the National Committee for Covid-19 Vaccination, Dr. Abdel Rahman Al-Bizri confirmed in a statement, that “the government that does not convene cannot be efficient, and reforms that steal the depositors’ money for the benefit of bank owners and the political class cannot prevail, and there is no good in those who bet on external settlements at the expense of the internal situation.”

He added, “We live in a time of alliance between the money and banking mafias and the political class, and we are surprised by the international cover given to some corrupt politicians involved in the catastrophe in which we live.”

It is noteworthy that the hospital situation in Lebanon is going through a catastrophic state, as the head of the Parliamentary Health Committee, MP Assem Araji, confirmed earlier that the medicines are still missing and we want them to be available as soon as possible, and the Council of Ministers is supposed to intervene.

He said: “A solution must be found to finance the health sector, and I hope that people abide by the procedures during the holidays, and I say that we have a shortage of the nursing staff, about 2,000 nurses have left their jobs in hospitals.”

  • Sawt Beirut International