| 14 April 2024, Sunday |

Bizri sounds alarm: “We have entered the fourth Covid wave, so beware!”

The Head of the National Committee for Covid-19 Vaccination, Dr. Abdel Rahman Bizri expected a rise in the number of Covid-19 infections after the New Year, especially after Lebanon entered the fourth Covid wave, as many cases of the “Omicron” variant has appeared.

Bizri added in a radio interview: “We are betting on the high rate of societal immunity and Omicron’s light symptoms, in addition to citizens’ awareness.”

Bizri hoped that people will take responsibility to protect themselves and their loved ones. “We have entered the fourth wave, amid a tough situation, as the hospital sector has been affected severely by the financial and economic reality and the currency’s collapse.”

He pointed out that closing the airport after the holidays is meaningless, especially after detecting “Omicron” cases in Lebanon, and strict measures can be taken in the workplace.

The head of the Chest and Infectious Diseases Department at St. George Hospital, George Govelikian, confirmed that Lebanon has entered the fourth Covid wave. He pointed out that the new mutant is able to infect vaccinated people, and those who have recovered from Covid 19, stressing that all previously acquired immunity does not prevent re-infection and does not prevent transmission of infection, and what studies have shown is that vaccines and the booster dose protect against the need for hospitalization and from death.

Govelikian explained that the main reason behind the spread of the virus is the non-adherence to the preventive measures, and that the basis of prevention lies in avoiding gatherings, social distancing, wearing masks, and taking the vaccine, because the lack of transmission of the virus is the basis at its end.

  • Sawt Beirut International