| 26 May 2024, Sunday |

Bizri: Vaccination rates increased significantly after curfew decision

Head of the National Committee for the Administration of the Corona Vaccine, Dr. Abdul Rahman Al-Bizri, confirmed that “the measures that were proposed, regarding the curfew, and before it began, gave some positive responses, as many citizens rushed to take the vaccines.”
Bizri pointed out via a radio interview that “the rates of vaccination after the decision was issued, increased significantly, and the marathon gave good success compared to previous ones, and the lesson lies in implementing the decision,” noting that the main bet in implementing the procedures is seriousness, the abolition of exceptions, and that the citizen is aware of the seriousness of the stage.
He said: “My advice to all citizens, who have not taken the vaccine yet, is to hurry up to receive the vaccine in order to secure protection against infection with the virus.”