| 14 April 2024, Sunday |

Black dollar surpasses 44,000

The black dollar continues to fluctuate despite its significant rise, as it registered this morning, 44,200 Lebanese pounds for purchase and 44,300 Lebanese pounds for sale.

In this context, the economist, Professor Jassem Ajaka, said in an interview via “Sawt Beirut International” that there are several reasons for the continued rise in the exchange rate of the dollar, the first of which is the unstable political situation, as the country is still without a president and under a caretaker government, and therefore no one takes the necessary measures, to address the economic crisis.

As for the second reason for the rise in the exchange rate of the dollar, Ajaka points out that negotiations with the International Monetary Fund have been halted due to the absence of an actual government, and this matter means the absence of reforms whose implementation reflects positively on the economic situation.

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