| 26 June 2022, Sunday |

Black market dollar soaring without limit

Economist Louis Hobeika stated that “there is no solution to the country’s economic crisis without a change in the internal political situation, otherwise the dollar exchange rate will keep soaring,” emphasizing that “no other country can help us, because change begins from within because every country has its own problems and crises.”

In a radio interview, he stated, “The enormous offer of the dollar during the election season was the consequence of festivals and festivities, as well as money paid during this period.”

In response to a question about whether the solution in Lebanon lies in the “dollarization” of some goods, Hobeika saw that it is not possible to dollarize spending without dollarizing income, and this requires time to implement, otherwise it will lead to the closure of many companies in the country.

  • Sawt Beirut International