| 19 May 2024, Sunday |

Bohsali: “Lifting fuel subsidies’ impact on commodities, does not exceed 5 or 7%.”

Head of Food Importers’ Syndicate, Hani Bohsali, confirmed that supply and demand will be affected by the rise in commodity prices, which in turn are affected by fuel prices. Pointing out, via an interview with “Voice of All Lebanon”, that there will be massive inflation in prices when the subsidies on fuels are completely lifted, but we should not be intimidated, because their impact on commodities does not exceed 5 or 7%

He pointed out that lifestyle has changed, some items are no longer available, but they have been replaced by others, stressing that all new items that enter Lebanon by legal means, are subject to the necessary tests.

Bohsali explained that imports are still continuing from all countries, but it has declined from Europe and the United States of America because of their high prices,  while imports from Turkey and Egypt have increased.