| 30 May 2024, Thursday |

Bombardiere on Italian Design Day: It can be an important partner in better reconstruction of Beirut

On the occasion of the Italian Design Day in the world, which is celebrated in over a hundred countries, the Italian Trade Agency office in Beirut, in collaboration with the Italian Embassy in Lebanon, organized the Italian Design Day celebration for the year 2020-2021 at the headquarters of the Italian Embassy in Baabda.

In a live broadcast via Zoom, the Italian Ambassador to Lebanon, Nicoletta Bombardiere, and architect Federico Del Rosso celebrated the initiative, which was sponsored by the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs in collaboration with the Italian Embassy in Lebanon and the Medelehan Global Design Network.

In her speech on the occasion, the Italian Ambassador said: “The Italian Design Day in the world represents a project that aims to spread knowledge in the field of design as an essential element of Italian-made businesses, and to develop opportunities for dialogue with market workers, designers, and institutions working in the field of design.”

“As for this year, the International Design Day is centered on the theme of interaction between design and urban space. It explores how a design can intertwine with a complex and ever-changing reality, through the search for innovative and sustainable solutions to the social, economic, and environmental challenges facing today’s world,” she said.

“In this context, the event adds value to human, cultural, and natural resources while also assisting in addressing the world’s present concerns. Italy has always pursued a strategy that incorporates both scientific and technology advancements as well as artisan heritage and tradition “The ambassador continued his speech.

Bombardiere came to the following conclusion: “We are confident that, in the context of Lebanon’s current crisis, Italian design can be a valuable partner in putting the notion of better rebuilding into practice. The continuation of Beirut’s reconstruction is a critical issue that is at the center of current measures to aid in the rehabilitation of the afflicted districts.”

  • NNA