| 25 February 2024, Sunday |

Borrell: “Lebanon on the verge of financial collapse and we cannot wait any longer to save it.”

High Representative of European Union, Josep Borrell, stressed that “Lebanon is on the verge of financial collapse and we cannot wait to save it.”

Borrell told Al Arabiya: “Lebanon needs leadership to overcome the crisis, and we are urging them on forming a government.”

Earlier, Borrell said in a press conference from Baabda during his visit to Lebanon that “the European Union is worried about the political and economic crisis, and we have provided 330 million euros in aid, nearly one million euros per day.” adding “Once the International Monetary Fund agrees to help Lebanon, we will provide loans to the Lebanese economy.”

He added: “We cannot provide aid without Lebanon carrying out reforms and we have the resources to help.” Stressing that “the European Union is considering imposing sanctions on some Lebanese personalities, and a government must be formed to implement reforms immediately.” He also stressed the importance of conducting the 2022 elections on time.