| 1 March 2024, Friday |

Borrell: Sanctions on Lebanese leaders will be studied by European Union

EU High Representative for Foreign Policy Josep Borrell, expressed his concerns about the current situation in Lebanon, saying that “We are deeply concerned by the political and economic crisis that Lebanon is facing, and the European Union announces its support for the Lebanese people”.

“We are ready to provide more assistance as soon as we see tangible progress on reforms, but we cannot provide assistance without progress in the reform process that Lebanon needs to overcome the crisis”.

Borrell conformed that he transmitted a strict message from the EU council to the leaders in Lebanon, saying “I am sending a strict message to political leaders that the crisis faced by Lebanon is local, internal, and a national industry, and the consequences for the people are tremendous; leaders must assume their responsibilities, a government must be formed, and basic reforms must be implemented immediately”.

“The EU Council may impose sanctions, but we prefer not to reach this, and we hope that we do not have to, so this matter is in the hands of the Lebanese leadership”, he added.

“Lebanon is on the verge of falling into financial collapse, and it is not fair to say that the crisis in Lebanon is caused by refugees. Parliamentary elections must be held on time, and we are ready to send an observation mission if we are asked to do so”.

“I’m a friend, not a prosecutor, and I’m not here to indict anyone; I’m here to understand what the difficulties are”, he followed.

“Sanctions are on the table, and we are studying them; if they are implemented, it will be to motivate the political class to find solutions”.

  • Sawt Beirut International