| 30 May 2024, Thursday |

Bou Assi: Has the Tayyar and its deputies become a diesel distribution company?

Member of the “Strong Republic” bloc, MP Pierre Bou Assi, tweeted: “Has the Free Patriotic Movement and its deputies become a diesel distribution company? How can the Tyyar representatives secure the fuel oil despite its outage the country? If diesel is not available, how and why it is being available through the representatives? And if it is available, why do citizens and municipalities need MPs to obtain it? It is corrupt and humiliating clientelism for cheap electoral purposes. Why should the citizen beg for his right to get it? Do you remember the meaning of the phrase “citizen’s right”?

Bou Assi added: “The complicity between the Ministry of Energy, fuel distributors, and MPs has reached the level of a Mafia cartel. Life savings have been lost, the dollar price soared up, the electricity cut off, the medicine cut off, and the prices and premiums for children, young and old, have gone astray. Stop extracting fake popularity from within people’s suffering.”