| 23 April 2024, Tuesday |

Bou Assi: Our duty is to get Lebanon out of the downward path, Hezbollah has brought us to

Member of the “Strong Republic” bloc, MP Pierre Bou Assi, pointed out that, “we are few months away from a great entitlement, which is the parliamentary elections, and that the burden on our shoulders is huge, because the Lebanese Forces are able to make the difference through obtaining the largest parliamentary bloc within the Christian group, eventhough it is opened to everyone, and thus it will annul the cover provided by the Free Patriotic Movement to Hezbollah.

He said: “Our duty is to get Lebanon out of this catastrophic downward path, that Hezbollah and the complicity of many Lebanese, including Christians, unfortunately, has reached Lebanon to, and it has nothing to do with Lebanon, and to bring back the country to the right track. What we are doing is our duty to our people, and duty does not call for paralyzing the government in order to disrupt the investigation into the port crime. Our duty for our people not to lose their money and not to emigrate our youth. We have to be messengers of good and peace in this country.”

Bou Assi concluded: “Whatever the name of the Lebanese Forces’ candidate is, the matter does not change anything. We have to be fully prepared. The case that unites us is the sacred, and not the persons. What unites us is the issue of Christian presence and role in Lebanon, the case of the Lebanese state that protects sovereignty, pluralism and democracy, which protects Christians and non-Christians and preserves their role and existence. A case where the town of Hadath, has offerd a thousand martyrs. We are enriched by our attachment to our country, our clinging to our land, and our willingness to sacrifice for the sake of our people.”