| 12 April 2024, Friday |

Bou Ghantous: Going back in the port investigation means lots of hidden facts.

The advisor to the International Tribunal for Settlement of Disputes, Dr. Nabil Bou Ghantous, believed that “returning the judicial investigation into the Beirut Port explosion, to the zero point, conceals in its folds what is hidden, especially after wasting six months of time, which is sufficient to change the course of investigation, evidence and milestones.” He said: “Basically, the slowdown in the investigations handled by Judge Fadi Sawan, marred by many questions, while the investigations should have concentrated mainly on who brought the goods into Lebanon and foe who, who gave permission to do so, down to who allowed to store them in the port, and know The main quantity imported and its source, and how some of it leaked, where to, and with the knowledge of whom, and for sure, the dozens of arrests were not required in this file, pending investigation and without clear and direct charges for unknown reasons.

He continued: “Today it has become imperative to give satisfactory answers to these questions, and as soon as possible, at least uncover the initial clues of the accident, to start compensation for the affected people whose compensation is still being held by insurance companies under the pretext that no report, even technical, has been issued about the explosion.”

He added, “We understand the depth of pain that afflicts the souls of the martyrs’ families and the victims, the injured and those affected, and we are surprised that there are still talks about missing people, six months after the explosion

Even some official authorities give conflicting figures about the number of martyrs, and as a result, the Patriarch, Cardinal Bechara Al-Rahi, may be justified in asking for an international investigation to reveal the truth and publicly.

Bou Ghantous concluded: “Only the truth closes this file, and we, as Lebanese, insist on reaching it. Perhaps for one time, the criminals in our country do not escape punishment.”

  • NNA