| 22 February 2024, Thursday |

Bouchikian thanks Iraq for lifting the ban on Lebanese products from entering its territory

Industry Minister Georges Bouchikian thanked Iraq for lifting the ban on importing Lebanese food products.

The Minister believed that this decision opens the Iraqi markets to Lebanese products which are able to compete with those from other sources, especially since the Lebanese industry, particularly the food industry, has proven its ability to market in global markets with high requirements in terms of conditions, standards and specifications.

Bouchikian had been informed by the Central Organization for standardization and quality control “to lift the import ban on the foodstuffs mentioned below.

The Lebanese food products for which the ban has been lifted are:

1. beer.

2. Soft drinks and sodas

3. Fruit juice

4- Energy drinks

5- Mineral water

6- Pasteurized Milk and Yogurt

7. Corn and Potato Chips

8- Ice cream

9- Table salt

10 Noodles and pasta

11. Table eggs

12. Live chicken and whole slaughterhouse chicken


  • NNA