| 6 October 2022, Thursday |

Boujikian represents Mikati at opening of “Made in Lebanon” exhibition in Iraq

Industry Minister George Boujikian, representing Prime Minister Najib Mikati, and his Iraqi colleague Manhal Aziz Al-Khabbaz, launched the “Made in Lebanon” exhibition, a trade fair promoting Lebanese products in Iraq, on Thursday.

The expo, organized by “Al-Hayba – Prestige” at the Baghdad International Exhibition, featured 80 firms from various Lebanese industrial sectors.

“Made in Lebanon” launching ceremony speeches and positions echoed the importance of having Lebanese industrial products re-enter the Iraqi market with momentum, alongside Lebanese expertise in the fields of medicine, training, packaging, marketing, programming, technology, documentation, archiving, research, and studies.

During the opening ceremony, Iraqi sides voiced full readiness to supply Lebanon with raw materials, especially oil, that help keep Lebanon’s industrial sector running.

“Today, eighty exhibitors from different industrial sectors are partaking in this exhibition, and I consider it a good start to build and cement bridges with Iraq,” Boujikian said.

“This presence also indicates the strong involvement and enthusiasm of the Lebanese private sector in the process of networking relations, partnerships, and cooperation between the two countries,” he added.

“Rest assured that a decision to reform relations and develop them to the fullest extent has been taken by the top political hierarchies in both countries,” Boujikian affirmed.

“I was here last week, and I signed a memorandum of understanding with His Excellency, Minister Al-Khabbaz, and its implementation begins as soon as it takes a legal path. Our position is unified towards it, and we see eye-to-eye over its importance in establishing joint cooperation,” Boujikian explained.

“We deem the ‘Made in Lebanon’ exhibition a meeting point for two countries and peoples who wish to have free trade and exchange between them!” he added.

“Lebanese industrialists have put at your disposal the best goods and products. I hope that ‘Made in Lebanon’ will be prioritized in your purchasing options due to its quality and abidance by international specifications. Lebanon and Iraq are on the path of advanced cooperation and together they are taking firm steps in establishing strong and stable relations towards the future,” Boujikian  concluded.

  • NNA