| 29 May 2024, Wednesday |

Braks confirms: “Fuel prices still at 3900 Lebanese pounds per dollar.”

Member of Petrol Station Owners’ Syndicate , Dr. George Braks, denied  via a call with NNA,  “the news circulating about the agreement of Banque du Liban and the Ministry of Finance on the mechanism for adopting the price of 12,000 Lebanese pounds,  regarding the price-installation schedule, and the gradual lifting of fuel subsidies,” noting that there are several scenarios, and nothing has become clear yet, and what was circulated today could be among the scenarios, but there is nothing confirmed so far,” noting that “the negotiations are continuing.”

Braks appealed to the army and all security forces in charge of the fuel issue, “to protect the stations due to the immense problems it is facing,” and stressed that “the approved schedule for the price of fuel is still at the price of 3900 pounds to the dollar,” hoping “to find a solution for the gasoline ship at sea to be able to unload.”