| 23 May 2024, Thursday |

Brax: Car queues in front of gas stations are longer than last week

The member of the Syndicate of Gas Station Owners, George Brax said in a statement that the car queues in front of gas stations are longer than those last week, because the new mechanism for setting prices at the exchange rate of 8,000 LBP was approved during Baabda meeting last Saturday, where banks were closed during the weekend.

Brax added that the importing companies did not deliver fuel today to the stations because they are waiting for the new mechanism to be issued by the Central Bank, with regard to the stock available in companies as well as the ships at sea.”

He explained that “some stations have fuel stocks and are distributing gasoline to citizens, but a large part of them will run out of stock in the evening.” He noted that “the price is still at 3,900,” because confusion has prevailed yesterday after the Ministry of Energy issued the price schedule and then canceled it.”

Brax reassured that “within a week, we will witness gradual breakthroughs when the ships start unloading and the importing companies deliver the stock to the local market, but the queues will not end permanently because the credit lines allocated for fuel will be determined by the Central Bank.”

Brax requested that the stations’ fees will be 20,000 LBP instead of 4,000 pounds, because the stations cannot continue in this situation, as their capital has started to vanish.”

  • Sawt Beirut International