| 20 April 2024, Saturday |

Brax: New breakthroughs in gasoline crisis

Gas Station Owners’ Syndicate member, George Al-Brax, on Tuesday told the “National News Agency” that several importing companies would distribute be gasoline to the local market today.

“We will witness the reopening of many gas stations, and within the coming few days, we will witness a remarkable breakthroughs in the gasoline crisis — to last till the end of September,” Al-Brax explained.

He pointed out that before Wednesday, three ships carrying more than 100 million liters of gasoline would unload their cargoes so that gasoline stocks would be available to the markets for a period exceeding two weeks.

Moreover, Al-Brax ppealed to concerned officials to swiftly announce the mechanism that would be adopted to permanently lift fuel subsidies so as to avoid future confusion or another crisis.

  • NNA