| 25 February 2024, Sunday |

Brax: Strict measures are required to ensure that gasoline reaches petrol stations’ tanks

In an issued statement on Sunday, member of the “Oil Stations Owners Syndicate”, George Brax, hoped that “the distribution of gasoline tomorrow, Monday, by companies importing to the local market, will be in sufficient quantities to begin reducing the queues in front of petrol stations, in implementation of the approvals for the credits given by the Central Bank to the fuel import ships.”

However, Brax highlighted the need to make sure that these quantities actually reach the stations, since gasoline can only be provided to citizens through petrol stations.

“We appeal to the Ministry of Economy, with the assistance of the security apparatuses, to ensure that the quantities delivered by the importing companies have arrived and are completely emptied into the tanks of petrol stations that are eagerly waiting to distribute to consumers,” Brax underlined.

He added: “We also ask them to ensure that these quantities reach the peripheral stations, especially in the South, Akkar, and the Bekaa regions that are deprived of fuel oil.”

“Strict measures are required to ensure that these quantities reach the stations’ tanks, otherwise we will not have a solution to this crisis,” Brax strongly reiterated.

  • NNA