| 23 February 2024, Friday |

Bushkian: We started replacing gas flasks.

Minister of Industry Georges Bushekian affirmed that “the industrial sector, as well as the state, is keen to ensure the public safety of citizens in their homes and their industrial, commercial and tourist establishments,” stressing that the ministry “is proceeding through the Industrial Research Institute and the Lebanese Institution for Standardization and Specifications with strict control and ensuring quality assurance, application of standards and good production.” Reaching a safe product that does not pose a threat to people’s lives.”

He explained that his tour today at the Sigma plant for gas flasks in Taanayel – Bekaa “came within the framework of examining the extent of the sobriety of the Lebanese industrialist, its seriousness and skill in producing a commodity that enters every home, shop, restaurant, hotel and institution, and meets the required standards and specifications.”

And he congratulated the owner of the factory, Rabah Jaber, who was in his reception along with the employees and workers. He pointed out that “the process of replacing old gas bottles with new ones started again after stopping for a while.

As for the wheat crisis, Bushkian tweeted: “We will legalize flour to be used only for bread, until we can secure wheat from Canada and others, and the crisis is global, not Lebanese.”

  • Sawt Beirut International