| 29 September 2022, Thursday |

Cabinet broaches multiple affairs, to reconvene on Wednesday

Prime Minister, Najib Mikati, on Monday chaired a cabinet session at the Grand Serail to resume discussions over the 2022 state budget draft law.

In the wake of the session, Minister of Education and Acting Minister of Information, Judge Abbas Halabi, read a statement in which he explained that the cabinet had discussed the Israeli overnight violations of the Lebanese airspace, “which constitute a new attack against Lebanese sovereignty.”

“Consequently, the Council of Ministers has requested of the Ministers of Foreign Affairs and Defense to draft a report on the Israeli breach in preparation for the next steps and measures facing this violation,” Halabi said.

“For his part, the Minister of Public Works briefed the cabinet on the recent measures taken by the Land Transport Union. Since financial capabilities are not available to meet all the requests of the aforementioned union, the Council has asked the Minister of Finance to study the possibility of providing financial resources too meet the union’s demands if possible,” Halabi added.

“The Minister of Interior also briefed the cabinet on the seizure of 17 spy networks working for the Israeli enemy. After follow-up operations, it has been discovered that the role of these networks is local and regional,” Halabi said, noting that PM Mikati has saluted the Information Division of the Internal Security Forces “for the great achievement uncovering more spy networks working for the interest of the Israeli enemy.

Halabi went on to say that the Cabinet has also studied the rest of the state budget’s articles.

“There was an in-depth study of Article 135 about giving social assistance to public sector employees. All the cabinet members saw eye-to-eye on the need to provide public sector employees with whatever the treasury allows so as to help them bear the repercussions of the current crisis and the deteriorating standard of living,” Halabi said.

He went on to say that the cabinet has  discussed as well Article 15 on social care institutions that deal with the elderly, the disabled, addicts, children, people with special needs, and abused women, making it clear that the contribution fee to be exacted on these institutions has been increased to LBP 400 billion.

Halabi added that the Minister of Energy had delivered a detailed presentation on Article 13 of the draft budget law on the required advance in the interest of Electricité du Liban.

“Consequently, the cabinet has requested more details from His Excellency the Minister of Energy, who promised to submit them in the next session,” Halabi added.

It is to note that the cabinet has been called to meet in a new session on Wednesday at 9:00 am.

  • NNA